Project Bhutan is a youth based organization working to provide opportunities for the youth whilst promoting many organizations and their brands. Started in December 2012, Project Bhutan has been involved in many youth activities both within and outside the country.

The organization has given a unique platform to many youth in the country to discover their true talent in modeling. Not just that, it has also given the youth of Bhutan the opportunity to reconnect with themselves whilst learn many useful things.

Project Bhutan has, so far, had ​five seasons of grooming​ as of 2016​ for children and young adults. In these grooming ​session, Project Bhutan has provided a platform for children and adults to be groomed in various fields, like film and photo shooting, public speaking, table etiquette and personality development, among others. Since 2012, Project Bhutan has groomed over ​500 children and adults.

An outcome of being a part of Project Bhutan is the birth of Bhutanese supermodels. Project Bhutan has produced about five supermodels who have modeled for many fashion shows in the country as well as outside Bhutan.

Project Bhutan also names ​it's first ​Fashion Icon.

Ever since the birth of Project Bhutan; many say their dreams to become models do not seem to be impossible anymore. Project Bhutan has surely given the heart and courage for many young Bhutanese; who wishes to become models; to follow their dreams.



Project Bhutan recent success was the Feature Film “TSHORWA-THE INNER CALL” produced under the banner PROJECT BHUTAN ENTERTAINMENT in association with Hidden Heart Production. It received the highest number of awards at the 16th National Film Awards: BEST VISUAL EDITOR, BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY, BEST SOUND DESIGN, BEST BACKGROUND SCORE, BEST FEMALE SINGER and BEST LIGHTING

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